Assalamualaikum and Alhamdulillah.

Its been a long time since i last blogged but oh wells.

And to share the news that im married to my beautiful and quirky girlfriend > Tunang > and now my Awesome Wifey!❀

A bit delay la this post cause we coming to our 1 mth liao. But nothing is too old to share. Hahaha! So to cut to the chase, i will share with you alls la our deco and idk whatever pictures i have of our wedding😂

Sikit2 je tk boleh belanja banyak2. Hahaha! No la, actually i dont have much nice pictures to show either :/

And oh! Another 2 more days till our 1 monthsaryđŸ€— will update more on Life #fromAtoZ



Its been some time i blogged. Well kinda dont know what to blogged nowadays with a lot of things on my mind. Its like jumbled up and need to untangle it one by one by writing them down on my handy dandy notebook that i bring around for work.

So now, 26 days. Hmm.. for guys different la eh. In my mind right now, basically thinking of needing to memorise more doa and those important ones. So yeah thats 1 thing i need to buck up on till The Day. Besides that, im just feeling quite nervous, anxious and afraid. Mainly because of the outstanding payment that i might missed out on and also mainly after the Akad, i have someone to take care of. Whenever i think of that, it just makes me feel that i should be more tougher and stronger mentally. To guide and to support my soon-to-be Wife but then again, you are never prepared for the future challenges you see. But i believe Allah swt is All-Hearing.

Most of our things are settled. Decor, nikah and sanding outfit, Kompang, transport to and fro. Alhamdulillah we got the major things all settled way before our final month which Miss Fiancé initially made a mthly schedule of what needs to be done but in the end tk ikut pun. HAHA.

This year Syawal will only be concentrating more on sending out invitations and visiting are quite numbered to a few after my late Grandma passed away last year. My parents are cool and chill as always after handling 3 marriages for my siblings so mine will be easy peezy for them i guess. Haha! Since early of this year or it started last year, had been receiving calls from my mom almost everyday at work. Doesnt matter if its just for a minute or 2. Tu pun jadi. Maybe deep down she knows she will be missing me at home after im married and will have less time to talk to her.

Lastly for Ramadhan was not so bad for me. The month went by smoothly and very fast. During the 1st week i was on night shift so i helped mom prepare for breakfast. Helped with cutting of chicken (finally) and other sorts of things. Only left with cutting a fish in my bucket list. Haha. But seriously it was tiring i tell. Nampak mcm senang je kt dapur campak ni campak tu but nooo.. haha!

So thats summarises everything so far till now. 26 more days to be Husband to the one i love. In shaa Allah, things will happen with Allah’s will and im just going to trust Him. Do make doa for us that everything will be okay and Allah swt protect us from harm.






Assalamualaikum semua!

Been on a long hiatus cause.. i also dk why. Haha. Having some time now cause waiting for Miss Fiancé to be done with work. So i thought i blog a bit la.


So after quite some time of not blogging, im left with 2 mths sey! 2 mths to be a legit Husband to someone. Tbh, maybe i dont think of the pressure of being a husband just yet while Miss Fiancé is alrdy freaking out. Haha.


I just thought abt it recently on what it feels like to be a husband. The responsibility that comes with it. What direction that i would want us to go. What is our motto between eachother and all that. I have lesser worries abt the wedding as im much more worried to be someone’s husband. Like dont you guys feel that title is so huge? 7 letter words that encompass responsibility, leadership, love, caring, sensitive, gentle and etc.


One thing that would start my mind thinking is the common quote of “our wife is made from us. She symbolises our rib. Too hard it will be broken, too soft it will just be bent and not straighten”. From this quote tells me a lot of stuff alrdy. How we soon-to-be-husbands must be tactful in giving advises to our wife. How we should understand her emotions. Read her body language and what is the right way that could get the message across into her heart for her to remember Allah swt. Definitely being harsh is not the way to go but then what is the best way? Only you know guys.


With this also comes the topic on financial. Everyone knows that majority of the ladies are a big spender. So how do you want to control your financial as the head of the household. Maybe some couples work differently but for me, i do want to know where our money goes. At this current era and generation, having plan B, C, D to Z is always good to have. We cannot afford to spend and enjoy always like how others does it. Confirm you will think i kedekut right? HAHAHA! Up to you but i would like to think of it as being financially educated. House, baby, renovation that is coming up along the way im sure you have to be financially educated forcefully or willingly. Theres no escape route unless you kaya gila la.


Motto. As guys im sure we can be focus for one thing at a time thus what do we want in our family/relationship? Cliché answer would be to lead our wife and family to Jannah tho it is correct but in what way? This should be running through your mind alrdy by now as the day comes close. We are the leaders of our family (feminist ideas pls dont kepo) and we should be doing what was ordained for us. What we are created for and to fulfill that responsibility. If we are not even strong emotionally and physically, our wife and children will feel the repercussion.


Definitely at times we, Men, are weak too. Thus we got our lovely wife to be there for us. Guys, pls do share your feelings and how your day went with your partner. Dont just give a 1 word answer. Just talk to them. Start from now, in shaa Allah you will get the hang of it. Kalau tk suka, you say gently and nicely (this takes practise man serious). Its the best way bro.


I refuse to let negativity manifest itself inside of me from married guys/couples telling me what they felt after they got married. Being married is such a blessing from Allah swt and its a Sunnah. Although there will be complication with human problems, its life right? What is life without ups and downs. Fights and hugs. Its meant to be colourful. Not just a consistent routine.


I may not be married yet but i observe a lot. Toodles!






Da almost 1 bulan aku tk blog. Haha. Maklumla lelaki, nak berbual pasal apa eh. Haha.

Anw registered our Nikah on 1st of March. Sanggup patah balik office to use the comp and register cause its easier to use a comp/laptop. What took 15 mins became like 30 mins cause i kept double checking the particulars and all to make sure its betul. And our Kadi yg we want also tkde. So i just had to search whatever Kadi yg available on that time slot we want and just book la. Guys la kn, kalau boleh nak hentam je la cause alhamdulillah my FiancĂ© Dad will be the one nikah-ing me to me FiancĂ©. So no hals punya. Important note kene practice pernafasan. Make sure boleh tahan sampai 6 harakat dengan bacaan tartil ye supaya tk stop2 bila lafaz tu😅 but actually tk wajib also. Haha!

Wedding cards : 4 more mths to go and our wedding cards, signage and poster da siap. Heh! Kiasu la cause bila Ramadhan and Raya nak chill je. Thats why nak push forward. So we got this Kakak la yg buat kad jemputan. I tell you cepat sey she do it and like ups la. Stick to their promise on when we want it to be ready. Alhamdulillah.

Furniture : Much anticipated moment cause it will be delivered to us soon! I cant wait to see it. Well im very picky abt the quality and also the workmanship but so far liasing with them has been good. We settled for wooden furniture cause we want our “investment” to last. Dont want to buy those normal or common bed nowadays cause it wont last till more than 10yrs? So yeah la. And also the price is reasonable and also cheap la for that kind of package that we are getting. So why not.

So ya la. 4 more mths to go. Next mth will be more busy with fitting and site survey with our vendor. Honestly, i just cnt wait for the planning to be done and go for a holiday. Till next time Kakak2 and Abg2!





Assalamualaikum semua!

Okay im going to make this a short one. Would just like to share something i feel really worth your data for.

Well as you can see, tadaaa ~

Kakak2 semua can share this with your tunang or boypren also. Cause personally to me this is like #relationshipgoals giler punya.

P.S standby tissue.




Assalamualaikum semua!

Just finish my night shift and having my breakfast and this topic was lingering my thought for awhile.

With the current economy not doing so well(chey mcm economist pula aku ni), i heard friends getting retrenched from their job especially from the oil & gas company. And slowly its coming towards the mainstream industries too. Should we be afraid? Lagi2 those yg nak kahwin or yg da kahwin.

Personally in my work, i have heard people saying in Singapore if you dont work, you die? How to survive paying this and that. Lagi2 those non Muslim, dorg betul punya takut when it comes to sustenance itself. If can, they do what they can. Work 2 jobs and chase the world just so to be “rich”.

What is being “rich”? In Islam, if we are appreciative of what we have and what Allah swt gives, He will grant us more. What is more then? It can be in terms of wealth, health and many more ways our limited mind can fathom. You see, Islam is so advance and is called a way of life as it really defined the term “rich” in such a subjective way. It doesnt have to be in terms of money at all. It can be what i said earlier.

Another quote that is always being used is, dermalah kerana kita tidak akan menjadi miskin kalau kita derma/memberi. Like what? This doesnt make sense at all. Org kalau tk beriman tidak akan faham quote ni. In practical sense, mcm mana kalau derma kita tk akan menjadi miskin pun. (But jgnla teruk sangat sampai pukal2 kita 100% duit gaji kita derma). What this means is, just risau tentang rezeki kita atau duit kita yg kita ada ni.

Back to soal rezeki, bagi yg menghadapi ujian dari Allah swt tentang situasi begini, jgn sesekali kita fikir Allah ni tk suka aku kot. Sebab tu jadi gini. Kene buang kerja and all. JANGAN. Setiap insan di dunia ini sentiasa diuji olehNya. Dari mcm mcm cara. Kenapa then aku kene buang kerja? Hikmahnya akan kita tahu atau kalau tidak, sebagai hamba yg mengabdikan diri dan beriman kepadaNya, kita tawakkal dan redha. Kata nk masuk Syurga, kene uji sebegini Allah nak test je kita ni sincere tk beriman kepadaNya. Mcm Valentines day kn? Kalau kita sayang partner kita, kene tgk dia berikan kita hadiah atau tidak. Tapi cara Allah ni, SubhanAllah. Jadi bagi partner kakak2 semua yg mengalami ujian sebegini, jgn runsing ye. Allah akan beri petunjuk, in shaa Allah.

Bagi siapa yg masih ada kerja dan peluang untuk beribadah,(Yes, kerja pun ibadah tau. Terletak kepada niat kita sahaja.) buatlah kerja dengan sebaik mungkin. Dengan sempurna. Dengan tekun dan ingatlah kita kepada Allah swt dengan apa cara sekalipun. Setiap bulan dpt duit gaji nak derma, beri nafkah dan sebagainya. Tapi dlm hidup di Singapura ini, ada aja benda nak bayar. Daripads gajinya cukup jadi cukup2 makan sahaja. Tapi jgn lupa ucap ALHAMDULILLAH. Kalau kita asyik  berfikiran seperti non-muslim, rosaklah fikiran dan perspective kita ni. Bila keluar rumah ni, betulkan niat ke kerja dan be positive. In shaa Allah, pemikiran kita dan perjalanan kita ke kerja dan pulang akan memberi berkah dan menjadi sebuah ibadah bagi kita.

Haha! Aku ni mcm Ustaz and this post might be cliché. But as cliché as this post may look, even we tend to forget our purpose in this world. Which is to prepare for the next. May this post be an imaan booster to whoever who reads this and in shaa Allah, it may be beneficial to you. Dan juga jadi peringatan buat saya sebagai bakal suami akan dtg, in shaa Allah.





Assalamualaikum semua!

Well i just had a thought recently. Not really a thought la. More of like realisation within my own mind on one’s mindset when coming into wedding preps and all.

Well im sure you guys out there have expectation of something and also to your future wife/husband. Like what they suppose to do after marriage and they should do this and that for you. Even if not that much, sikit pun mesti ada la eh. Bedek la kalau tkde. Haha.

So i was thinking what for stress yourself on this. Like even before getting married, you can buat air sendiri and do everything yourself. Then bila kahwin you expect everything to be ready right before your eyes. Like in a instant you want this, you can get it right then and there.

No im not saying we shouldnt help or do something for our partner, its just that with wedding prep we will get anxiety attacks la and also kanchiong sana sini. But if you dig down deeper into why this thing happen in the first place is because you two love eachother and want to get married so that you both can be halal. Its that simple and basic. So we should cherish this moment and also enjoying the journey to being halal and be grateful for whatever you both have now that may be different once you both are married. Dont rumitkan or complicate things that are meant to make you both happy.

Be happy and also always make doa to Allah to always put love in between both of your hearts. For me, im afraid that if i were to enter marriage life with more negative feelings than positive ones, it will stay rooted. Will manifest itself into feeling like a chore to do something and theres is no love or happiness between you both.

One thing that i will rmb from pre-marriage course is when Mr Khair highlighted that we both are special. It should be and it have to be that way. It shouldnt be like a chore or a job to do. We find ease and comfort with eachother.

Recently, i have met ladies who are in their late 30’s or 40’s having such a negative mindset to their husband and marriage life. Openly sharing with people things that they are unhappy with their husband and life. Honestly i really felt sad for this ladies. Like why would you think that way kn? But to me, i always tend to cast away negative thoughts about marriage life when i think of it now. What i know i dont want to be like them and make my wife miserable that way.

So guys, we are the captain of the ship. In the stormy sea of life, we have to tawakkal, make doa and also be tactful in handling our spouses. Its like PR skills too but its for the benefit of our marriage life. The only direction we are going is towards Allah swt and mencari keredhaanNya. Either straight, bend or crooked the road is thats where we should head to and bring our wife, children and family. Its a tough one but according to Nabi s.a.w “the best of you is the one who is best to their wife”. Thats why we are made to be Khalifah in Allah’s eyes because thats our responsibility as a husband.